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fat mature shows off her curves in revealing dressing gownHello and welcome to literally the biggest (popularity and size of granny) and best mature sex dating site for meeting older women with a few extra pounds. We have been established in Australia for several years now and pride ourselves on delivering a fat gilf dating experience like no other. So if you love the idea of meeting big, beautiful grannies who are looking for no strings sex then you’ll love what we have to offer here.  If you can spare us an extra 5 minutes of your life, it might be worth sticking around and seeing how we can help you benefit from a more fruitful and exciting sex life. We will also tell you about all the features and tools given to any member using this site to help them find exactly what they are looking for.

What is a GILF?

Good question. Well simply put, think of a MILF - Oh you don’t know what that is either? Well not to worry, a MILF, or ‘Mum I’d Like to Fuck’ basically describes a mature woman. A MILF is a voluptuous lady, with nice boobs and a fleshy, curvy exterior, probably around 40 – 50. Then thing next age demographic up from that, you’ve got GILF, similar phrase to MILF, but instead of Mum, it’s Granny, or Gran. This describes an even older lady, probably around 50 – 60, with a wealth of experience in the bedroom, and sex drive leading them to share it with other guys. The great thing is, until dating sites like ours came about, there simply was nothing to cater for these needs. Well with fat gilf dating, that has now all changed.

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Not only do we provide a community of grannies, and guys to any new member who is ready to explore their fetish, we also offer big, beautiful grannies. These are women who have a few extra pounds, and are looking for a man to appreciate their curvy stature. We have a real range of sizes here at, from curvy right up to extremely large, so whatever your interest is in meeting red hot oversized gals, you’ll be sure to find it with us. Having a fetish for bigger women, or being a bigger woman and wanting to screw skinny guys, is nothing new. It was just a lot harder to achieve before the introduction of dating sites like ours.

Benefits of our BBW dating site

There are many reasons why people choose to use a dating site for exploring their bbw fetish. The main one being that it’s extremely hard to find similar results offline. I mean have you ever tried to go out for a night and source your local bars or clubs for a woman that matches your requirements? If you have you probably would have found, that a) The amount of matches available is very slim, and that b) out of those women most will have rejected you, or even worse humiliated you. Whereas when you compare that experience to something like online dating, there really isn’t any negative for meeting members online. Why is that?


  • You know that every member in the community is after the same thing
  • No awkwardness when messaging someone
  • You can take time to view a members interests before going any further
  • Ideal for making local contacts so you don’t have to go too far for NSA sex
  • Even if someone doesn’t want to meet you, or you don’t want to meet them, there is no real rejection, just a friendly, no thank you.
  • Where else can you browse literally millions of real BBW profiles before picking a potential match?
  • Use your mobile or tablet for private viewing away from shared computers at home or work
  • Take comfort in knowing we use the latest dating protection tools, security certificates and robust firewalls to stop hackers and scammers.


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amateur grandmother lays naked on spotted bed of loverIt’s all very well us huffing and puffing about how much benefit you could get out of using this website, but the only real way of knowing if this site fits your needs is by giving it a test. This is exactly why we offer any potential member a free trial period with us. This will allow you to join the site and test the main tools and features that we offer everyone. Keep in mind it won’t be the full package, obviously we don’t want to give all our features over to someone who isn’t really that committed, but it will easily be enough to help you see if you are ready to get us up on a premium membership.

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